21 Unique Short Tattoo Quotes for Women


Short Meaningful Tattoo Quotes for Women

1“Love me for who I am” quote on shoulder

2“Live your dreams” quote on shoulder

3“Do what you love” quote on arm

4“Who is more real?” quote on shoulder

5“Forever young” quote on the back of neck

6“No one is alive, who is your….” quote on back

7“Let it be” quote¬†on wrist

8“Believe..” quote on wrist

9“Date tattoo” on wrist

10“Love” tattoo on finger

11“Faith, Hope and Love…” tattoo on wrist

12“Be Happy” quote on arm

13“Beyond fear lies freedom” quote on the back

14“Blessed” tattoo on hand

15“Love, Loyal and Respect” tattoo on fingers

16“Never give up” quote tattoo on wrist

17“Let it be” quote tattoo on wrist

18“You and me..Times infinity” quote tattoo for couples

19“Mr and Mrs” tattoo for couples

20“Till my last day..Till my last breath” quote tattoo for couples

21“Smile :)” tattoo on body