17 Unique Arm Tattoo Designs For Girls


Awesome Looking Arm Tattoo Designs for Girls

Hot girls and fascinating arm tattoo designs go together like rum and coke. There are several celebrities with some of the best tattoo designs and they look way better with them than with that old-school tattoo.  Girls tattoo different designs to make them look hotter and sexier. For this reason, you shouldn’t be left behind, get a view of the best arm tattoo designs that will catch the attention of everybody on the road and invest on it. Go for half-sleeve, quarter-sleeve or a complete tattoo design that will look better with your taste and preferences. Tattoo tells us about a person and hence you should get an arm tattoo design that will profoundly describe what you want people to know about you.  I am going to share some of the best and the most beautiful Arm Tattoo designs for girls.

1Full Arm Flower Tattoo Design:

As an independent woman, you are left free to choose whatever tattoo design that you think is wonderful and meaningful to you. For this reason, you can choose to land for the full arm flower tattoo design. However, there are two types of full arm tattoo design. Talk of the traditional and the modern full sleeve tattoo designs. Between the two, there is a contrast of vivid colors that are sloshed against more muted colors and another natural skin showing through. You can get a full sleeve, intensely and brightly colored arm to show creativity through art. This design is dense with saturated colors. It also leaves a space that is not inked showing in between

2Arm Jewellery Tattoo Design:

You are likely to adore tattoos that look like jewelry if you are passionate inker. It is fit for those girls who like locking out with artistic tattoos and those artists who wants to show their artistic ideas with a word of ink. It is a very adored tattoo simply because it resembles loyalty and shows a piece of good work. It is also a tattoo jewelry that will fit all tastes and make you smile every time you wake up in the morning. You can decide to have the Opulent cuff, the state necklace on your arm and several other jewelry resembling tattoos.

3Red Rose Tattoo Design:

Rose is considered a symbol of balance. I bet this is the reason why most women prefer Red Rose tattoo to show on their arm. The beauty of Red rose symbolizes hope, promise and a new beginning. It is a very beautiful tattoo design to run on your arm. Show that sense of love and care to natural beauty by a tattoo that resembles promise, hope and a bright future. Go for a beautiful rose tattoo that runs from shoulder with a single rose. Another one is a gorgeous flowers with many different flowers bestowed at one place creating a wonderful red rose tattoo design.

4Downward Pointing Arrow Tattoo Design:

This tattoo design resembles an arrow released from a bow. It is a sense of a positive transition in your life. Arrows also signify force, direction, power and the direction of travel. However, an arrow pointing down signifies peace. The arrow tattoos whether pointing up, down, left or right represents beauty, intellect, history and utility. Get a graphic arrow tattoo to convey all of those things at one point.

5Bird Design Tattoo:

This tattoo design is especially to bird lovers. This design is one of the most common tattoo designs today. You can go for a design where the birds are flying. This is a symbol of life transferring to a whole new life. This is a tattoo design that most people go for to remember someone special or something that happened to them and they don’t want to ever forget. A personal message is a nice touch and Bird design tattoo design is one of the best artistic mechanisms of revealing that personal message.

63D Effect Arm Tattoo Design:

One thing that people love about 3D tattoo is that they have a realistic look that several other tattoo designs lack. Men and women of all ages go for 3D tattoo designs for this reason. They are eye-catching and bound to attract everyone on the way. If you want 3D tattoos on your arm, then you should go for smaller designs. If you love tattooing your body and at the same time wants something that stands out unique, 3D effects arm tattoo design is for you

72d Flower Arm Tattoo Design:

These tattoo designs look good because they represent the real thing in a different way. They especially look beautiful on women if accompanied with names of those people who are close to the heart. Most flowers symbolize love, peace and compliments. For this reason, many girls go for flower tattoo design and 2D flower tattoo design.

8Squirrel Circle Design Tattoo:

There are those people out there who go for a tattoo design that best describe their personality. Other people get tattoos to show their love for specific animals. Whatever your situation is, squirrel Circle design tattoos are good for both men and women.

9Painted Flower Tattoo Design:

If you are looking for a great flower tattoo then you must try out Painted Flower Tattoo design. It is painted with different colors to make it look like a real flower. It is a sweet and an elegant design that I personally think is perfect for those girls who prefer colorful tattoos.

10Dream Catcher Arm Tattoo Design:

Dream catcher tattoo designs come from the Native American Culture and the real name is marinated in meaning. This is a good tattoo design that you should get if you have a taste of old school tattoos. They use amazing color saturation and a great attention to the details. It is a lovely and a realistic-looking piece of art that every girl should try.

11‘Be Happy’ Text Tattoo Design:

Many people wouldn’t mind having this happy symbol on their body. It is a nice small tattoo to go for if you prefer small tattoos in your arms. There is a tribal tattoo that shows how happy you are and how things and those people who make you happy. They look good when together with the names of people who matter the most in your life.

12Cartoon Design Arm Tattoo:

Cartoon tattoos are the best thing that you can ever get in your arm if you have a signaling love for cartoons and animations. Cartoon tattoos have been around for a long time and they seem to never go out of fashion. It doesn’t matter what your age, race or size you are, they are going to match and look good on you.

13Floral Art Work Arm Tattoo Design:

Most Floral art work arm tattoo designs are made of simple pen and ink piece and they look as the best art work to ever have landed on any lady’s arm. They form the perfect art to ignite the sensuality in any girl. If something simple and subtle is something that you are looking for, then Floral art work arm tattoo design is something you are in the mood for.

14Human Face Shape Arm Tattoo:

The first thing that you are supposed to put in mind is why face tattoos for girls are a good piece of art work. You can go for angel tattoos which can fit on your arm and at the same time look gorgeous. Although they are harder to draw, they are beautiful and worthy the time. Amazingly detailed human face done on the girl’s inner arm would look good.

15Feather Arm Tattoo Design:

If you have always wanted a tattoo but overwhelmed to decide which design to go for, feather arm tattoo design is good for you to start with. This design is likely to give your desire a jump-start to boost the want and preference for more detailed tattoos. Feather tattoos for the arms are suitable for short sleeves and for those sunny days.

16Butterfly Arm Tattoo Design:

Butterfly tattoos and other simple and beautiful detailed tattoos are the epitome of classic feminine tattoos. They are the simplest and the sexiest tattoo designs that even the simplest girl can go for. However, you can still get a butterfly arm tattoo even when you are not a beginner. You can decide to get a magnificent monarch, black and white butterflies, colorful cuties and any other beautiful butterfly art of your choice.

17Mixed Pictures Arm Tattoo Design:

This is another great tattoo arm design to reveal multiple messages at the same time. You may elaborate a rose tattoo design right on your upper arm, a blade on the lower part and an octopus design just in the middle. I bet every girl loves an inter mix of drawings and hence you are likely to love it too. This is one of the most fascinating designs in the world of tattoos. The design has a wide mix of colors and patterns, mix of thin and bold drawings and a mix of creative and critical ideas that everyone will adore.